Adam McCauley


Adam McCauley works out of his studio in his home in the sunny Mission district in San Francisco with his wife, designer and musician Cynthia Wigginton and their cat Gertrude.

He's a professor in the amazing Illustration department at California College of the Arts. Adam enjoys illustrating, playing drums, and making things. His illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, collateral and campaigns world wide. Adam's work has been included in group shows in New York, San Francisco, Osaka, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Nashville.


London : Joel Minter -

New York : Helen Cowley -

Tokyo : Mikiharu Yabe -


Making Hospitals Fun

My “Otown” style, which is what I’m most known for, especially in kid’s books. This style matured when I was living in Oakland, California, hence the name.
— Adam McCauley