PRO-CONFETTI is a 2011 exhibition of found-image and cut-paper collage. For the most part we are known as printmakers. And through this discipline we have always been inspired by the unpredictable outcomes inherent in the process. This has led us to greater explorations and discussions of conscious and unconscious form-making in our own work. So often art is perceived as culturally or academically necessary through its intent and conceptualization. But in all aspects of art-making there is so often a need for balance between the active pushing of a conceptual goal, and the passive acceptance of art’s organic and unintended outcomes.

Art is its most successful when artists can find a manageable middle ground between this push and pull. “PRO/CONFETTI” is an attempt at finding that balance.


The 2011 design exhibition Graphic Design: Now in Production, co-curated by Andrew Blauvelt at The Walker Art Center and Ellen Lupton at Cooper-Hewitt, was an enormous survey of the past decade of graphic design’s movements towards self-authorship and entrepreneurialism.

Innumerable categories of posters, information design, typography, books, magazines, film titles, logos and clothing were featured in the collection. So to be included in something of such an expansive scale was flattering to say the least.

Given our self-deprecating nature, we focused on the refuse and the forgotten moments of the self-authoring process as opposed to the heroic, revolutionary outcomes. In the gallery we focused on a floor to ceiling installation of misprints and test-prints from our studio.

We were also given the honor of installing in the Walker Art Center’s front store window. There, we installed a physical manifestation of the monotony involved when one chooses to retain their own means of production.