David McCandless

David McCandless (born 1971) is a British data-journalist, and information designer based in London. He is the founder of the visual blog Information Is Beautiful. Early explorations into the synergy between data visualisation and his work as a journalist led to the development of Information Is Beautiful. His second book Knowledge Is Beautiful was published in 2014. 

McCandless began his career writing for cult video game magazines such as Your Sinclair and PC Zone in the late 1980s and 1990s before moving on to work for The Guardian and Wired magazine.

Since the publication of Information Is Beautiful, his information design work has appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, Wired, and Die Zeit, and has also been showcased at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Wellcome Trust gallery in London, and at the Tate Britain. 

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See David mine the world's data to create powerful and provocative data visualizations and stories with Office.

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I’ve been exploring the use of data visualisation and infographics to explore new directions for journalism and to discover new stories in the seas of data surrounding us.
— David McCandless
Knowledge is Beautiful
By David Mccandless
Information is Beautiful
By David McCandless