Tadaomi Shibuya - Beast from a Foreign Land

AJ Fosik created 12 sculptures that were delivered to 12 artists in Tokyo for a unique collaboration project 'Beast From A Foreign Land'. 

Unlike AJ’s normal work, these pieces are unfinished and can be disassembled so that each artist can customize each individual piece of the sculpture. The result is a unique collaboration between a stellar list of artists in Tokyo and one of Portland’s most well known artists.

Show runs: April 18th - May 1st 

HPGRP Gallery - Opening reception April 18th 7-9pm

Address: b1f, 5-1-15 jingumae shibuya-ku tokyo 150-0001 

Presented by Hellion Gallery 


Tadaomi Shibuya x AJ Fosik - Beast artwork

Tadaomi Shibuya x AJ Fosik - Beast artwork

Collaborating artists:

AJ Fosik - www.ajfosik.com
Imaone – www.imaone.com
Kaz - www.kaz-ao.info/artworks/works-artworks.html
Hiro Kurata - www.shiloku.com 
Madsaki - www.madsaki.com
Mhak - www.mhak.jp
Nigamushi - www.nigamushi-tsuyoshi.com
Ryuichi Ogino - www.ryuichiogino.net 
Tadaomi Shibuya – www.dutchuncle.co.uk/tadaomi-shibuya
Shohei Otomo - www.hakuchi.jp
Koichiro Takagi - www.koichirotakagi.com
Yoshi47 - www.yoshi47.com
Usugrow – www.usugrow.com