Leandro Castelao

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Leandro Castelao is a New York based graphic artist based in Greenpoint Brooklyn. From concept to delivery, Leandro Castelao covers a variety of sectors and disciplines, creating content for: film, animation, branding, graphic design, illustration, infographics, art direction, sound design, exhibitions and products.

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It’s easy to see how Leandro’s initial pencil-to-paper techniques influence his final illustrations. While they are super clean digital designs, they maintain the flow and movement of an image that has had it’s curves and corners discovered by hand.
— Ape On The Moon

Explainer video for Mindjumpers, a social media management company based in London and Copenhagen. Animated by Ale Pixel Studio


Showreel 2016 of monthly motion-infographics for CIMA Fincancial Magazine

Stanford TV vs Online 1113


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