Marc Burckhardt

Marc Burckhardt's work can be found in galleries, publications, books, advertisements, and album covers throughout the world. His work has received awards from CA, American Illustration, and Graphis, as well as Gold & Silver Medals from the the Society of Illustrators New York, and been profiled in 3x3 magazine, Communication Arts, and Juxtapoz.

Marc was commissioned by SONY Records to create a special collector's edition portrait of Johnny Cash for the album "The Legend: Johnny Cash", which went on to become the 2006 Grammy Award Winner for Best Art Direction on a Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package.

His paintings have been exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Experience Music Project in Seattle, are featured in the book "The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were", and can be found in the private collections of Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Lauren, Emily Proctor, Patricia Arquette, and the late Johnny Cash.

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I love the Mexican muralists, like Diego Rivera, whose storytelling ability, compositions, and geometric stylization have always been a real inspiration to me.
— Marc Burckhardt


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