Nicol’s paintings and drawings draw on a variety of sources, ranging from Goya, Canaletto, Dutch Genre painting and American Folk art.
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I am a graduate of the Glasgow School of ArtThe Royal College of Art and the Institute of Education. I have worked on a range of national and international illustration projects producing editorial, book jacket and public art images. Through art consultant Tanya Rumpff I have exhibited sculpture, drawing and ceramics in a range of spaces across the UK and Europe. I continue to teach the creative arts at Central St Martins and Camberwell College of Art.    

While working I enjoy recurrent themes of the figure in the landscape, fear, existence, construction, human society humour and the surreal. I am interested in the relationship between object and the 2D image and its connection to different modes of storytelling. 

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Selected Work

Architectural Digest Paris

Article about a Parisian couple who love their postmodern things.

Easter Island

’BraveHeart’ by Robert Nicol

15 second cell animation

Braveheart 3 • Gif

Braveheart 4 • Gif

Braveheart • Character Loop

Channel Hopper

Braveheart 2 • Gif

One Fine Stay • Travel Books

Penguin Books • Difficult Pleasures


One Fine Stay magazine • 'Trafalgar Square'


Braveheart 6 • Gif

Desk Troubles

Paintings & Ceramics.

Breese Little Gallery, Clerkenwell, London.

Paintings & Ceramics.

Breese Little Gallery, Clerkenwell, London.


Penguin Books • Raja Rao • The Serpent & The Rope

Penguin Books • Raja Rao • Kantapura

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FM Magazine

Cole Contemporary • Original Painting

Financial Times • Jancis Robinson • Wine Column 


London : Joel Minter -

New York : Helen Cowley -

Tokyo : Mikiharu Yabe -