SPAZIO 1929 a LUGANO //// presenta la personale di SHOUT

SPAZIO 1929 a LUGANO //// presenta la personale di SHOUT

In Lugano a new creative space has opened to talents and known names in the international contemporary art scene

"SPAZIO 1929 is pleased to present its first exhibition : by Italian artist Shout . aka Alessandro Gottardo , 
The exhibition showcases a selection of 60 illustrations chosen from among those he created for the magazine Internationalze from 2006 to 2013 . 

The artworks are taken from these 2 short stories:
Storie” di dicembre, “Viaggi” di agosto, ("Stories " in December & " Travel " in August), 

The exhibition also features all artwork from the 2013 calendar for Internationalze magazine.

Through subtraction and image synthesis , Shout makes his illustrations into small conceptual works which builds immediately perceptible messages . 

His works evoke more than telling, they allude and play with the viewer, they invite him to observe and read between the lines , without revealing too much. 
The suggestions are filtered rationally. only a few signs,absence of details and decorations. 
Shout fails to investigate human behavior with ironic detachment and intimate sociology at the same time . Inconsistencies , discrepancies and inadvertent connections that go beyond the simplicity of the images that he narrates

Autumn atmosphere , dull colors , minimal elegance .

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the cultural association of Cremona Tapirulan . "