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Noma Bar (born in 1973) is an Israel-born graphic designer, illustrator and artist. His work has appeared in many media publications including: Time Out London, BBC, Random House, The Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper*. Bar has illustrated over one hundred magazine covers, published over 550 illustrations and released three books of his work: Guess Who - The Many Faces of Noma Bar in 2008, Negative Space in 2009 and Bittersweet 2017, a 680 page 5 volume monograph produced in a Limited Edition of 1000 published by Thames & Hudson.

Bar's work has become well known throughout the world, winning many industry awards; more recently a prestigious Gold Clio for his animation & direction work for the NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, a campaign to highlight new frontiers in cancer treatments. He has also won a Yellow Pencil award at the D&AD Professional Awards and his London Design Festival exhibition 'Cut It Out', was selected as one of the highlights of the festival. The project was nominated in the graphics category for the Design Museum, Designs Of the Year.




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Noma Bar (Extended Biography)

Noma Bar is a highly prolific artist whose graphic works are celebrated for their impact and simplicity. Each of his ideas are first drawn in a sketchbook and then transferred to the screen where he works on them digitally to come up with the final conceptualised solution. The duel strategies of his practice are efficiency and humour, and these come from a keen understanding of how the brain accesses and understands imagery.

With a limited pallet he subtlety and precisely manipulates shape and form where familiar symbols and pictograms evolve to form new meaning. Negative and positive spaces tessellate creating several images in one, and sometimes a few moments are needed to see the embedded, often poignant, message. Noma uses this technique to its best effect when dealing with social and political issues, which he is very passionate about, and subjects such as nuclear warfare, corporate greed and national identity are illustrated with a hidden twist of humour. In his portraits of celebrities or well-known figures, subjects' features are frequently merged with images that epitomise their fame to form an instantly recognisable face.

Noma once stated that he is after “maximum communication with minimum elements”, and his ingenuity in turning complexity into simplicity exemplifies this idea. Ultimately his dedication to his own principles means that he continues to achieve this personal challenge, time and time again, with universal elegance.

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Bittersweet: Noma Bar (Limited Edition)

5 volumes in a slipcase

A dazzling celebration of one of the most admired illustrators working today, with a specially produced print exclusive to this limited, slipcased edition

Noma Bar’s innovative, playful style has made him one of the most sought-after illustrators working today, with a broad range of commissions from magazines and newspapers – including Empire, the New York Times, Wired, the Guardian and Time Out – and numerous private and advertising clients. His use of negative space and minimalist forms creates images with multiple readings that can delight and shock in equal measure. Each of Bar’s illustrations tells a story that is hidden in the details, with the message revealing itself as you look more closely.

Here, Noma Bar has handpicked his most iconic illustrations and favourite works, each one displaying the distinctive style that has established his reputation. The works are organized into thematic chapters such as ‘Pretty Ugly’ (portraits), ‘In Out’ (sex), ‘Life Death’ (conflict), and ‘Less More’ (daily life). Alongside the images, Bar reveals his working methods and the stories behind his often idiosyncratic inspiration for different illustrations, and reflects on how his life experiences have shaped him as an artist.

As a collection, the whole is much greater than the sum of these many, many-layered parts. This limited, slipcased edition is destined to become a must-have reference source for all professionals in the worlds of graphic design and illustration, while also being an enthralling treasury for any follower of visual and popular culture.